Plan C…

It’s been a while since the last update, mainly due to work being more hectic than usual. I’ve been travelling across the country visiting various clients, often for days at a time, and so I would have thought that being stuck in hotel rooms would have given me plenty of time to write some of the articles I have planned. But no, it hasn’t worked out that way. On top of that, weekends have either been spent on overtime or on other projects and so the Cambodia trip has taken a bit of a back seat. Until now.

Here in the UK we’re experiencing what we consider to be a bit of a heatwave. The past week or so has seen temperatures over 30 centigrade and we’ve all gone from complaining about how miserable the weather is to how unbearably hot it is! I’m one of the biggest complainants of all, not really liking hot weather and so it dawned upon me that spending four weeks in Cambodia, just as the country is coming out of the monsoon season and into it’s summer was going to be challenging. So it was early last week that I decided that a plan B was in order.

The initial thought was to head over to Las Vegas and from there take in the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Antelope Canyon. but after pricing up the flights, the accommodation and the necessary tours required to see Antelope Canyon, it quickly dawned on me that I was going to be spending a lot of money on getting to the destination for what would be a short trip. So, that idea has been shelved until I can spend more time planning it, making the flight costs seem more reasonable.

Plan C came about as a result of my stereotypically dubious reasoning:

  • As I was thinking of spending a lot of money on the travel aspect of the trip, then I should at least consider some of the options I have dismissed in the past due to cost.
  • Anywhere, absolutely anywhere would be cheaper than the Antarctica trip and so a bargain by comparison.
  • The last major trip was Japan and that came in at GBP £2500 for three weeks, so that seems a reasonable bench mark.
  • I prefer cold to warm and already have cold weather gear as a result of last year.
  • I want to spend less on getting there and more on being there.

One destination was a clear winner of this line of logic: Iceland.

So planning is well underway. All accommodation was finally booked yesterday and work have signed-off on the annual leave. Now for the fun part – the preparation…


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