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Prevarication is my middle name…

Every time I sit down to work on the site I find myself struggling to decide on how best to deal with image captions. On the one hand all the captions were originally written as part of a greater narrative and to be read in the context of the original photoblog. However, the main galleries of this site pick-and-choose images so often the comments you see are partial descriptions of a greater story.

So I can either sit down with Lightroom, generate duplicate images for each of the shots selected for the main galleries and rewrite the comments – a process that will take weeks to complete – or I can simply leave the comments for a moment and just have the images. Unfortunatley, the Photocrati plugin I’m using to display the photographs also disables the image title when you disable the comments…

Either way I don’t want to fall into my usual ‘it has to be perfect’ mode as then I’ll never get the site public. I just have to accept that it is my first attempt at something like this and that there will be mistakes. So, the site is going live. Soon. This weekend, assuming the consultancy job I had on Saturday is now cancelled.

So tik-tok… Image galleries are now appearing and being populated. Quotes for each section are being searched for and fonts are being selected. The overall theme still bugs me. White background? Hmmm, much prefer grey so I suspect it will change!



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One step closer…

Well, January has been and gone and the site is still not completed. That said, work has been terribly busy and, as it pays the bills, it has to take precedence.

That said, as you can see there has been some activity. I have some images up primarily to test the gallery views and the look-and-feel. Still got a lot of changes and tweaks to make, but I think I’m on the right track. Designing a web site is turning out to be far, far harder than I expected and so I have a newfound respect to all those who have already gone through the pain.

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