Graffiti & Street Art

 “Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better
place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a
better looking place.” Banksy.


'Don't Forget the Struggle' [Aida Refugee Camp, Palestine]Unknown. [Aida Refugee Camp, Palestine]Unknown. [Aida Refugee Camp, Palestine]'Armoured Dove of Peace' by Banksy. [Bethleham, Palestine]'Girl Frisking a Soldier' by Banksy. [Bethleham, Palestine]'More Is Not Enough' by How %26 Nosm. [Bethleham, Palestine]Unknown by Banksy. [Bethlehem, Palestine]'While Drinking Tea' by How %26 Nosm. (Bethlehem, Palestine]'In Mother's Hands' by How %26 Nosm. [Bethlehem, Palestine]'The Flower Thrower' by Banksy. [Bethlehem, Palestine]Unknown by Pilpeled. [Tel Aviv, Israel]Unknown by Ame72. [Tel Aviv, Israel] Unknown by Ame72. [Tel Aviv, Israel] Unknown. [Jerusalem, Israel]Jerusalem, Israel.Unknown. [Jerusalem, Israel]Unknown by  Jack Tamal. [Jerusalem, Israel]Unknown by TANT. [Jerusalem, Israel]Unknown [5Pointz, Brooklyn]Unknown. [5Pointz, Brooklyn]Unknown. [5Pointz, Brooklyn]Unknown. [5Pointz, Brooklyn]Unknown. [Testaccio, Rome]Unknown. [Berlin, Germany]Unknown [Berlin Wall, Berlin. Germany]Berlin Wall, Berlin. Germany.Unknown. [Berlin Wall, Berlin. Germany]Mafalda. [Buenos Aires, Argentina]'Do you know what happened with Clarin 35 years ago?' [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 'Mariano Ferreyra Presents: Committee against job insecurity' [Buenos Aires, Argentina]'Luciano Arruga is not there anymore' [Buenos Aires, Argentina]Unknown. [La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina]'Apocalipsis Love' by Stencil Land. [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 'David' by Stencil Land. [Buenos Aires, Argentina] Unknown by Pum Pum. [Buenos Aires, Argentina]'Sip and Spill' by Malatesta. [Buenos Aires, Argentina][Ushuaia, Argentina]'Take care of me, please don't abandon me.' [Ushuaia, Argentina] 'The Hidden Neighbourhood is Illegal' [Ushuaia, Argentina] 'Immigration is not a Crime'. [Warsaw, Poland]

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