If I see one more photograph…

Getting close to sorting out the Lightroom catalogue to a point where I can reliably use it to create the galleries for the web site. It has been a learning experience, not least about why it pays to have a process in place from the moment the shutter closes. In Antarctica I started keywording the shots at the end of the daily shoot, if only becuase there was so much to take in. I now realise that this needs to be a general thing, irrespective of the length of the shoot. Looking at my work from 2009 and it is coming back to bite me hard.

The aim, currently, is to have a reasonable ‘showcase’ gallery up-and-running by the end of January; then start populating the gallery views from there. The travel blogs are quite easy as they’ll just be the old Picasa galleries, albeit taken directly from the now updated Lightroom catalogue.

Now I understand why many professionals have managers for this part of their business.

Oh! Lots of posts planned on stuff like backups, advice on destination preparation and the like.



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